The Sapotaweyak Cree Nation set up blockades on January 25, 2015 after being denied an injunction to stop construction in traditional territory that includes sacred spaces and burial grounds. The colonial courts did grant an injunction request made by Manitoba Hydro (find the date). A news Release issued by the Manitoba Government on March 6, 2015 suggests that the Government of Manitoba and SCN had come to a land use agreement but does not elaborate on what the details of that agreement were.

The construction they were attempting to block was the Bipole III hydroelectric line, a project that requires the construction of a transmission line, two new converter stations and two ground electrodes for those stations. It involved clear cutting. Originally it was discussed as a possible power source for the Energy East Pipeline. However, the Dipole III is being developed even though that project was cancelled. The Bipole III line is intended to go into operation at some point in 2018. The companies websites last update about the project is dated for September 2017 and clearly shows that a great deal of work had been completed up to that point.

Blockade against Manitoba Hydro.

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