In Xwisten, St’at’imc territory.

An indigenous reoccupation of Junction Creek to prevent any further desecration of unceded and unsurrendered St’at’imc lands and waters. The camp was established in March of 2015 in order to protect traditional territories and sites of historical significance from being destroyed due to logging.
To be specific the decision to create an encampment was a result of Aspen Planers and Xwisten Band has going against the recommendations of archaeologists and damaging an old village site by covering a pithouse in landscaping cloth and filling it with dirt. It is because of this that Xwisten people along with fellow supporters decided to reoccupying the area for cultural and spiritual purposes.
The encampment continues to this day and has developed into a permanent re-occupation project that has a mandate of protecting and maintaining the land and the traditional relationship to it.

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To get to Junction Creek: Stay on the Yalakom road following the yellow kilometer markers go past the Ore Creek Campsite, go past the yellow 44km marker, go past the turn off to Lac la Mare (stay on the road that goes along the river), keep staying on the Yalakom road until just past the 50 km mark then you will see the tee-pee and camp on the right hand side of the road.

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